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The Club Summit ®, powered by Kwik Goal, is designed specifically for youth soccer club administrators from across the country to learn and discuss best practices and develop new ideas for tackling the host of
challenges facing youth soccer clubs today.

The Club Summit® 2022

I've been on the business side of youth soccer for years and most resources & seminars that come across my desk are only focused on the soccer side (e.g. coaching & player development, training, playing formations, team building, etc.).  Of course, without honing our soccer expertise, we wouldn't be in business; however, those things do not address the business side (e.g. accounting, budgeting, risk management, fundraising, non-profit management, event management, electronic media, social media, communications, systems & data processing, just to name a few). And then I received last year's email blast about the new Club Summit ®.  I happily attended and was not only impressed with the Agenda and the professional & experience presenters but I also greatly enjoyed sharing thoughts & ideas with my counterparts from other clubs up and down the East Coast.  On top of that, it was a great bang for the buck!  

So the moment I saw the email blast for this year's Club Summit ®, I knew I was in and am bringing a colleague with me.  


Kathleen Shelton

Director of Business 

Charger Soccer Club

Club Summit ® provided a great "give and go" of information.  Learning that clubs, small to large, non-profit to professional have so much in common.  The Summit allowed me to share what worked for my club. To learn from others what worked for their clubs. To learn from speakers on their trials and successes. Speakers provided great direction and promoted interaction.  Great feature was the time allowed for networking and small group discussions after the daily agenda. And let’s face it to get out of Wisconsin in February was nice also.


Marti Coan


Neenah Soccer Club

It was an honor to be invited to present 'best practice' youth club research at the inaugural Kwik Goal Club Summit ®.  The team of presenters covered significant topics affecting youth soccer including, finance, governance, fundraising, staffing, strategic planning and much more.  The event is a great fit for a club executive wishing to learn ways to implement proven growth strategies, cut expense and learn from dozens of other high performing clubs.  If you are an Executive Director, Operations Manager or Board Member, you will not want to miss this year's event.    


Dave Newbery 

ELearning Coordinator 

United Soccer Coaches

The Kwik Goal Club Summit ® is a fantastic way to network with like minded clubs from around the country. There are loads of events and conventions throughout the year that do a great job of getting your name out there, but this event was unique. All of the people I met with had one thing in mind, to help strengthen ties within soccer and for us to continue to make a difference with the sport that we all love. The fact that I still talk quite regularly with a number of groups from last year is all the proof you need.  


James Peterson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Seacoast United Sports Club

I’m really looking forward to the Club Summit ® this year.  I have attended the past 2 years and had the opportunity to present last year.  The feedback, discussions, and sharing of ideas has been so valuable that I decided to bring a few more staff members from NC Fusion with me for the 2019 Summit.  I really appreciate Kwik Goal’s willingness to host this fantastic event.


Scott Wollaston

Executive Director

NC Fustion

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